waxing & meds

Are you using oral or topical prescription meds for you skin conditions?  If so, that would put you in the category of, ‘I can’t wax you’ . Wait about 3 months after you stop using them to get a wax. If you used Accutane then wait 6 months. Some examples of meds are Retin-A, Renova, & Tetracycline. If you aren’t sure ask your doctor.
Waxing doesn’t go well will spray tans either.


brow 20
lip   15
chin 15
side of face 20


underarms 20
bikini 30 +
brazilian 65 +
back 65
chest 65
shoulders 20
neck 20

(leg waxing not offered)


Brazilian & Bikini Q&A

Can I come in sweaty?
No. Wax doesn’t stick to sweat. Or my salty tears of frustration.
How long should the hair be ?
Don’t shave for 2 whole weeks !  If you haven’t shaved in 2 years that’s way to long, trim to about a half an inch long. If you trim to short it won’t come up, because the wax won’t be able to ‘grab’ it. If you are unsure, leave the hair on the longer side.
Will it hurt ?
Yes. How much depends on you. Everyone has a different pain tolerance. Factors such as, stress, menstrual cycle, hangovers & more play a part on how it will feel. I do sell a topical numbing cream. It would need to be put on 20 to 40 minutes before.  The more you can relax the easier it will be for you.  When you are nervous things just bother you more in general. But really it’s not that bad. I do 5 to10 brazilian waxes a day & everyone is happy.
How long before the hair grows back ?
Depends on how fast your hair grows. You will be ready for your next wax in 4 to 6 weeks.
How long will I be sensitive/red after the wax ?
Depends on your skin, everyone is different. Give your skin at least day off, no gym, no ‘friction’, no sun.  A cool shower and gentle cleansing is just fine.
I just got my period what should I do?
Wear a tampon, keep your appointment.

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